A Unique Collection of Handcrafted Jewelry

Beaded Spiral Necklaces

These woven spiral necklaces are made using a variety of materials including precious and semi-precious stones, glass, natural shells and either sterling silver or gold filled clasps. Regardless of the design, it takes about an hour to complete one inch of these spirals.

Beaded Collar Necklaces

These beaded collar necklaces are woven using a variety of materials including semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, glass, and sterling silver clasps. The design creates a circle that lays beautifully around your neck.

Other Jewelry

All of my jewelry pieces are made using high quality materials. Precious and semi-precious stones, glass, shell, sterling silver and gold filled beads, bails and other findings.

Nymphs & Special Friends

Who doesn’t need some enchantment in their lives? Nymphs, faeries, menehune and other friends are made into talismans as well as functional vessels. All ceramic pieces are made using lead free glazes and all little pots are safe for usage with food.

Drop Me a Line

I’d love to make you a beautiful piece of jewelry – one that speaks uniquely to you!

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