Cindy Cohn

Owner/Creater of Cynarts


From a rather young age, I’ve had in-depth experience in jewelry design, stained glass, oil and water painting, mosaic, and ceramics.

I was an accomplished stained glass artist at 21 when I was chosen to lead the team that restored `Spring’ and `Winter’ of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s famous Four Seasons windows that were displayed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry `Treasures of Tiffany’ exhibition of 1982.

After moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1985, I discovered that working with beads is my overriding creative passion and began focusing on that aspect of my craft. I have twice been a finalist in the beading industry’s prestigious `Bead Dreams’ competition. I was also a winner in`Convergence Competition’ which brought my work together with lamp work bead creator, Quincy Seitz. I have been featured numerous times in Bead and Button Magazine.

Having lived most of my life on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, I am overwhelmingly inspired by the grandeur of the volcanos, the ocean, rain forests and deserts that coexist here. I believe that color evokes emotion in its purest sense. The interplay between color and texture is a strong element in conveying a mood or emotional essence within any art piece. My jewelry is steeped in geometry. The designs are all about creativity; the execution is all about precision.

Cindy Cohn

Cindy Cohn


“Cindy’s jewelry is astonishingly beautiful, playful and classy all at once.  Whenever I wear it, I get so many compliments and I know it’s a one of a kind.  The elegance of her work and quality of her care make me feel like I’ll be able to pass it on to my grandchildren some day.  I’m so grateful!” 

Heather R.


“Cindy Cohn makes the most exquisite jewelry I have ever seen. Her creative use of material and brilliant eye for color are unparalleled. I own several pieces of her jewelry and each is a unique and precious treasure. Step into the world of art jewelry and acquire a Cindy Cohn original!”

Vicki M.


I am so lucky to have several (ok more than several) pieces of Cindy’s amazing work….she truly creates ‘wearable art’! Each time I wear one of her amazing pieces strangers stop and tell me how gorgeous the piece is …and often ask if I’d be willing to sell it!! Cindy’s art is absolutely beautiful….which is exactly how wearing it makes me feel!”

Malia M.


I saw Cindy’s work at a show while on vacation in Hawaii. I couldn’t decide on which of three collar necklaces to get so I ended up with all three – some earrings too! I love wearing them.

Sadeth L.


“I think I have one of every nymph style Cindy makes. I love the pendants and the clips alike. I have a nymph clip on every one of my handbags!”

Elaine S.

New York

“I commissioned Cindy to make me a spiral necklace, bracelet and earring set incorporating lampworked beads and iolite gemstones that I have been wanting to have made into something special for years. She worked with me to make the perfect pieces!”

Valerie P.


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